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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DISCOVER WINE RATINGS FROM VINHO VERDE,  PORTUGAL. PROVAM - PORTAL DO FIDALGO 2012 SCORES 86. 87/100 Reguengo de Melgaço 2012 86.5/100 Messala 2012 86/100 Winery Muralha de Monção 2012 86/100 Quinta das Arcas - Arca Nova 2013 84.5/100 Winery Adamado - Adega Ponte de Lima 2013 84/100 Vinhos Norte - Tapada Dos Monges 2013 84/100 Quinta de Azevedo 2013 84/100 Deu La Deu 2012 83/100 Prova M - Varanda Do Conde 2013 83/100 Lua Cheia Em Vinhas Velhas - Toucas 2012 82.5/100 Quinta da Pedra 2010 82/100 Quinta do Ameal - Loureiro 2012 86/100 Provam - Portal do Fidalgo 2012 85.5/100 Adega De Monção - Escolha 2012 WINE RATINGS FROM PFALZ-GERMANY, LAZIO- ITALY, RIOJA- SPAIN, RED AND WHITE WINES FROM SWITZERLAND AND MANY MORE SURPRISES COMING UP NEXT WEEK.

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Terra Tangra - Yatrus - 2011
Bulgaria - Thracian Valley (Southern Region) - Cabernet Franc & Malbec - Red
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